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Akasagarbha Sutra – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. tibet. Ākāśagarbha Bodhisattva or Akasagarbha Bodhisattva is a bodhisattva who is associated with the great element (mahābhūta) of space. The Akasagarbha Sutra states: ”If a person seeks wisdom, the love and respect of all, a wonderful singing voice, the position of King or Emperor or high ranking.

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In Buddhism, vows are forms of spiritual commitment taken to ensure steady progress on the path.

Whenever confronted with problematic or difficult passages, we discussed the variants with the Tibetan scholars we worked with in order to find what is most probably the correct reading of the text. Complete Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits 3 min read. True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury — Akasagarbha.

Three Suttra Headache Causes and Cures 4 min read.

Akashagarbha Sutra ? – Dharma Wheel

The shape of the akasagarbya is incorrect if the two touching fingers form a point instead of an arc. Again, the Akasagarbha Sutra explains thus the devotion of his followers.

I don’t know of any Skt texts of this sutra, though. When one drinks the water into which the moonlight or the sutfa has fallen, one will have a powerful memory by the next day. Govinda Jaya Jaya mantra translation in English: Some sutras have a narrative style that is conducive to relatively easy understanding, like the Saddharmapundarika.

Space is also non-obstructible due to its omnipresence and its eternal nature. Like that rich man, does Bodhisattva Akasagarbha practice his meritorious acts. Place both index fingers upright with the tips touching together to form an arc. Akasagarbha possesses the two essential esoteric gateways of virtue and akasagatbha. Gate gate paragate parasamgate.


We use cookies to ensure that we akasagatbha you the best experience on our website. But what precisely are those negative actions that are to be disclosed by the followers of the Buddha?

The fingers of both hands are interlaced outwards. Discouraging people from practicing the vinaya of individual liberation. He not only knows every secret meaning but also saves all sentient beings with great compassion.

Dharma Wheel

It’s best to have the water facing toward the moonlight or sunlight because Akasagarbha may appear at this time. From seeing only relative truth, you will eventually reach a profound certainty in the meaning of absolute truth. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat This is the earliest version of the text we have, for the Sanskrit is no longer extant. Akasagxrbha them would entail a separate research project, well beyond the scope of the present translation work.

Spiritual Meaning of Cold Hands and Feet 4 min read. But this is not the case with most sutras. There are standard Mahayana, and also tantric flavors. His right arm is held inward and holds a flaming sword. The Akasagarbha Sutra states ”By constantly reciting this deity’s name, one’s wishes for wisdom, love and respect of all, a wonderful singing voice, the position of a king, appointment as a high ranking official, all manner of wealth and riches, a perfect spouse, or fame throughout the world after performing virtuous deeds, will all be fulfilled.


I could not find any copies of it, but managed to loan microfilm copy.

Our text indeed repeatedly mentions the meditative concentration of brave progression Skt. He is white in color and sits upon a blue-green lotus.

Sorry, there was an error.

Then visualize that the pearl-like jewels atop the lotus in Akasagarbha sutra left hand emit a ray of white light which enter into the water offering on the altar. This visualization represents that the water contains the Wisdom Sword Light, the Wisdom Fruit Light, sunlight and moonlight. The thumbs are then placed side by side against each other.

Essential for the purification of the mind, it forms the third part of the seven-limbed practice Tib. The Compassion Dharani akasagrabha deliver us from suffering. His previous foolish look had completely vanished and his countenance was now full of wisdom.

Place both index fingers upright with the tips touching each other to form an arc. They just can’t grasp the teachings and have a poor memory. Privately, I advised him on the practice akasagabrha attaining enlightenment. While there is some hope with the translation work being done over the next years or so, the project Translating the words of the Buddha.

Harming monastics by taking away their robes, punishing, or even killing them.