November 21, 2018

DB25-1205 PDF

27 Dec The breakout board is a DB and I have found very little about people successfully using one of these boards with LinuxCNC.I have laid. 19 Jan Just a quick newbie question. If I want a 3 axis with 2 steppers on x. For a total of 4 steppers, can i hook all of them up to a db breakout. 20 nov. Je me tourne vers vous car je recherche un shema pour raccorder 3 Stepper motor driver DMA, PEAK A a la BOB DB et les.

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Set the step outputs to ‘active low’ – thanks again Clive for pointing out how to do this: That’s mean the board drain power from lpt and not from external power supply dv25-1205 witch is still off.

Now I have calibrated to this,the basic movements are correct. Alternatively,is there a function within LinuxCNC that diagnoses whether the port is functioning? I have downloaded the. Make sure you set the step outputs dg25-1205 software to active low.

I will pursue the wiring as shown in the linked video.

Would this not be entirely specific to what pulses my parallel port is sending.? If I switch pins on and off, I do get that coming through. Chances are he’s done this so when there a Limit or E-stop it db25-12205 the drives but doesn’t Kill power so the Motors stay Energised and don’t lose holding torque, the Enable just stops any signals getting thru.


And the big problem is that, the motors don’t move. If your parallel port pulses at 5v then connect all the negative pins on the driver to GND on the BOB and the positive pins to the control pins Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Regards db25-12205 wiring then Yes the diagram is correct and will work.

New router build log here. I’m currently working on my driver box and it seems to be going okay thanks in no small part to Clive. I am starting to feel that I am making progress as the axes now move.

Hello, Firstly, I must confess to being an electronics dunce. I have been building a small 3 axis db25-2105 for a little while. The time now is I have laid out the hardware on a bench and made all the connections and there is the correct voltage at every terminal I have tested.

Branchement driver DMA vers BOB DB et nnema 23 oz | Usinages

LinuxCNC and DB board If anybody is interested,I checked out all the pins on the back of the computer and they all passed current when the test utility was used. Db225-1205 yeah – PM me your PayPal details for the spindle mounts, man! I have now run the machine under power and with fairly slow acceleration it followed the text very well. Any advise on that. It is only when I xb25-1205 mach3 that I do not get my step pulse.


It allows you to tell linuxcnc how close to follow the programmed path.

I will try again with a G64 manually inserted in the program and see what happens. Anyone who says “It only goes together one way” has db25-12205 imagination. Originally Posted by Wal.

Branchement driver DM542A vers BOB DB25-1205 et nnema 23 425 oz

If I check the parallel port of the computer I do get the correct signals. This thread is handy Hmm, probably not just electronics, but I’ll stay on topic. I do get my direction pulse. The interesting part comes when running a test program and finding that the movement on all three axes was half that required.