November 20, 2018


Gundam Sentinel is a photonovel series, one of many Gundam side-stories taking place in the Universal Century timeline. Written by veteran Masaya Takahashi. Gundam Sentinel mecha designs. fall of , the Japanese magazine Model Graphix began serializing a monthly Gundam novel named Gundam Sentinel. 1 Jan Originating from Gundam Sentinel, the MSA [Bst] PlanE Deep Striker was arguably one of the most powerful mobile suit.

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Special thanks to Mark Simmons for mobile suit and vehicle profiles. Retrieved from ” https: For warranty information about this product, please click here.

Don’t try to skirt this rule by having a Gunpla off in the background of your photo when the main focus is on an off-topic item. The EFSF counters the programming, sentjnel orders a retreat because of the high casualties and sends reinforcements, designated Task Force Beta.

Gundam Sentinel – GEARS Online

This has also created difficulty in creating garage kit models for fan modelers to be sold at hobby shows, since the one day copyright release must be obtained from both Bandai and Model Graphixseparately, making costs to acquire them to become expensive.

Two beam saber comes with. The story was republished in July as a text novel subtitled “Alice’s Confession. In order to intimidate the rebels, Task Force Alpha is equipped with the very latest advanced mobile suit hardware, including a handful of Gundams – the most powerful of which is the MSA S Gundam, piloted by 22 year-old pilot Ryou Roots.

Still, read this with a grain of salt just like everything else on the internet, sentinfl nothing here can be confirmed easily, but at least it is an interesting story if you are bored this weekend. Wanting to hold onto their partnership, Bandai displayed all five of the sample model kits for the Gundam Sentinel line with full descriptions at the Japan Hobby Show.


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In order to sentniel the rebels, Task Force Alpha is equipped with the very latest advanced mobile suit hardware, including a handful of Gundams – the most powerful of which is the MSA S Gundampiloted by 22 year-old pilot Ryou Roots. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Our favorite toys for everyone on your list. Looking to sell your unwanted kits? Char’s Counterattackand sentinfl that the simultaneous release of two Gundam stories will confuse fans.

Pages with related products. This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.


Completely surprising them, two of Task Force Alpha’s Salamis ships are destroyed. The rebels, led by Brave Cod, declare themselves the “New Desides” a hybrid of “decision” and “dissident”. Other Scale Modeling Subreddits: Want to add to the discussion? I couldn’t afford the Deep Striker resin kit when it came out, nor would I have had the skills to build a garage kit anyway.

Glad to have proof I was right. The Xeku Eins, in a bright-blue color contrasting to titan’s typical dark blue coloris a reference to the light-blue uniform of Shinsengumi.

Gundam Sentinel – The Battle of Real Gundam 328.JPG

Once the fan community exploded in excitement and anticipation of Gundam SentinelBandai decided to go ahead with the serialization of Sentinelbeginning with the September issue of Model Graphix. It also marked the debut of Hajime Katokiwho would gunda, one of the franchise’s most prolific mechanical designers.


Where to find it Bubcus – Mar 1, Portrait of Young Comet — One Day: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The rebels, led by Brave Coddeclare themselves the ” New Desides ” a hybrid of “decision” and “dissident”. A quick battle erupts between the Federation Barzams and the newer New Desides Xeku Einsand New Desides are successful in gaining control of the asteroid.

As you said, it’s understandable that where the Striker is retail, there’s many more kits that are P-Bandai. Meanwhile, the Pegasus III has been assigned to pursue and observe the remaining rebels, while the remainder of Eagle Force secures the moon.

People who made first contact with Gundam are now more likely to be captivated by those designs as opposed to the equipment-esque aesthetics of Zeta, ZZ, and Char’s Counterattack. Beam Cannon is attachable to the thigh, it is replacement expressions beam smart gun.

War in the Pocket The Model Graphix team regarded that year’s event as a “Victory”, compared to the previous show inwhere only a lone Superior Gundam was displayed without any descriptions. It ran from September to August and was a groundbreaking combination for a Gundam novel, featuring extremely-detailed mechanical designs by Katoki Hajime Gundam Sentinel being his debutpaving the way to his becoming the main mechanical designer for the Gundam franchise, and the technically detailed storyline by veteran Gundam fan Masaya Takahashi, writer of the “MS Senki” comic called Gundam Sentinel: