December 26, 2018


1 Dec Do any of you remember this system? John Schlee taught this system, based on lessons he had from Ben Hogan. You set up open, with the. John Schlee’s Maximum Golf book with Ben Hogan fundamentals and principles. 16 Apr Re: Maximum Golf by John Schlee. Post by aiguille» Mon Apr 12, pm . Doing some research on Schlee and found this on the Manzella forum.

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August 9, at He said that the ultimate physical secret Hogan gave to him was what he refer to as The World Class Move: From behind, he put his hand on the club and pulled it straight down behind my back about six inches. August 8, at 5: By the former journeyman was a force to be reckoned with and only a 63 from Johnnie Miller prevented Schlee from holding a major championship. Army starting in From behind, he put his hand on the club and pulled it straight down behind my back about six inches.


His best finish in this venue was a T Mizuno and or Brianman Aug 7th, by Persimmon Golf Today.

Maximum Golf by John Schlee Post a reply. Tom Bertrand must have some more footage and pictures of John Schlee outside of that material but i havent seen anything posted either. He had more than 30 top finishes in PGA Tour events.

West Coast Persimmon Players. Is the instruction good?

He served two years in the U. Schlee attended Memphis State University and was a member of the golf team.

John Schlee

The hands and arms then come straight down and the right elbow dives onto the front of the right hip with the right palm facing the sky, putting you mxximum your power plane. I think Norman bought the rights to Schlee’s aid. He knew Hogan’s secret, though. I’d recommend an ace bandage, less painful to remove than duct tape. As you reach the top, start the left knee and hip level left, you scjlee what feels like a reverse loop with your hands.

Advanced Ball Striking • View topic – Maximum Golf by John Schlee

He was obsessed with the golf swing, zchlee evidenced by duct taping his hands together in the Flying Wedges position before going to bed.


Schlee was an odd duck, but Hogan took a liking to him non-the-less. Feed on Posts Comments.

He wanted you to feel as if you keep the 3 accumulator angle throughout the swing. Buy — Sell — Trade. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Posted in FlashbacksShotmaking and the Golf Swing.

Persimmon and Traditional Golf Community.

After reaching the age of 50 inSchlee played in a few dozen Senior PGA Tour events but never came close to winning an event. It requires relaxed supple wrists and a light grip pressure.

A place to dicuss the merits, challenges, and hohn of traditional golf in the modern age. I remember he had a training aid called “The Secret” August 9, at 3: InSchlee wrote a book, Maximum Golfwhich was a collection of his instructional theories and a tribute to his mentor, Ben Hogan.