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It included a small “national defence” section Landes- verteMigung which dealt with matters on the borderline between policy and strategy, and with the co-ordination of the three services. When he tried, at the end ofto secure the appoint- ment of Reichenau as Chief of the Army Command in place of Hammerstein, he was foiled by the concerted opposition of the senior generals.

But when Hitler sent for the Commander-in-Chief, 36 The Other Side of the Hill Himmler produced a witness who formally identified him as the man in the case. Goulondre, heard of the arguments and reported them to his government early in June. Seeckt himself not only recalled the past but foreshadowed the future when he wrote — “A history of the General Staff.

The Other Side of the Hill (Grand Strategy)

World of Books Ltd Condition: Having been led on to attempt, and attain, much more than had been foreseen, it was caught unprepared in shipping and equip- ment for carrying out any such new technique as was involved in a large-scale oversea invasion. That news did not disturb the other generals. To Brauchilsch and Haider the victory in Poland had brought no such intoxication. As a guide, he had the example of how Scharnhorst had managed to evade the disarmament of the Prussian Army that France had imposed afterand had built up a camouflaged army that turned the tables on Napoleon seven years later.

When it became clear that Hitler was not to be checked by counsels of caution, Haider became busy with plans for a military revolt against Hitler’s policy and regime The French and British governments, however, were even less prepared for war or willing to risk a fight on behalf of Gz echo-Slovakia, so Hitler gained his claims for the Sudetenland with little difficulty, at Munich.


Lists with This Book. Technical science and tactical skill were the keys to the future. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Unwilling executants do not make for good execution.

Full text of “The Other Side Of The Hill Liddell Hart”

Directorate S Steve Coll. He showed an eager interest in new military ideas, especially those that promised a new artistry in tactics as a game of skill, but was still more enthusiastic about the possibilities of resuscitating The Blomberg-Fritsch Era 29 the code of chivalry. That view was m no small measure due to his experience on the Eastern Front, where the wide spaces had allowed far more room for manoeuvre than had been possible on the Western Front.

Having got the southern Russian armies deeply embedded here, the main German offensive was launched past their flank, and gained a clear run down the corridor between the Don and the Donetz rivers. In September, after the repulse of the Dieppe landing, he was called back to the East, and told by Hitler that he was to become Chief of the General Staff. Mansoor Azam rated it really liked it Nov 18, The greater power of manoeuvre provided by this increased scale of mobile divisions was valuable on such a broad front, while the decreased punching power did not matter much in the earlier phases of the invasion.

The Other Side Of the Hill

His attitude of professional detachment, and the sharp dividing line he drew between the military and political spheres, tended towards a renunciation of the soldier 5 s potential restraining influence on adventurous statesmen.

This attitude among the senior officers of the Reichswehr prejudiced Blomberg’s position from the outset. The play of individual ambitions and the cleavage of personal interests constituted a fatal weakness in their prolonged struggle to maintain their professional otjer in the military field, and to preserve it from outside inter- ference.


Terrorism Randall David Law. This may- explain why he was led at this time to make a public declaration of confidence in the Fiihrer, and also to express sentiments in a speech at Tannenberg which sounded threatening towards Poland — though they could be construed in a strictly defensive sense.

He graced the wedding, as a witness. Zeitzler was driven to tender his resignation, but Hitler brushed that aside. Hitler agreed, and fixed the date.

When they came into more prominence in the eyes of the outside world, as Hitler’s star waned, they had become more impotent inside their own country. But, on balance, the advantage which the German offensive derived Irom the breadth of space in Russia was outweighed by the othet advantage of the depth of space through which the Russians could withdraw in evading annihilation.

Placed in that dilemma, the sweeping success of the earlier continental campaign encouraged the tendency, inherent in the Nazi gospel, to follow in the footsteps of Napoleon and repeat his invasion of Russia.

He was rather weak in his argument that “militarism” and “aggression” w r ere merely catchwords. By the time it arrived in Tripoli the Italians had not only been thrown hte over the frontier, but their army had been destroyed in the pursuit.

That applies to all armies, but is particularly marked under a dictatorship. They merely followed up the decisive armoured spearheads, and occupied the conquered regions. But the influence of his own military ideas continued to grow. His popularity with all sections was an obvious asset, which would help to offset suspicion of the political motives behind the changes and of the internal struggle that had preceded them.

This paved the othre for his ultimate control of strategy, while enabling Himmler to strengthen hiill own influence.