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: The Secret of the Nagas (The Shiva Trilogy) (): Amish Tripathi: Books. The Secret of the Nagas (Book 2) [Amish] on *FREE* Amish Tripathi ‘S Shiva Trilogy-nagas, Mehula & the Oath of the Vayuputras. Amish. His vengeance and the path to evil will lead him to the door of the Nagas, the serpent people. Of that he is Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi. Author.

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Amish Tripathi Official Secrte. The videos were conceptualized and marketed by Sangram Surve and Shalini Iyer of Think Why Not team, who also undertook the advertising of the book. Like carrying a ship hold of milk for her beauty baths!

The sword was too short to reach Shiva and it appeared to be a wasted manoeuvre. I didn’t mean to insult you.

Accompanied by his troop of warriors, Shiva travels East to the land of Branga in hopes of discovering clues as to the whereabouts of the Naga people. A haunting story of an extraordinary woman on a dangerous quest in a far-future post-apocalyptic world. He turned towards his Lord, about tripafhi offer this suggestion.

They are jour path to discovering evil. I couldn’t even read further than pages I do hope amisn lives up to the previous two books and ties up all those loose ends along the way as beautifully as has been done up until now. Surely it will make a good movie someday, with the disappointing and predictable plot twists that is characteristic of most Bollywood movies. This praiseworthy book left me more than ever to read the final book. But he knew the battle was already lost.


Two armed men, possibly Magadhan soldiers, were trying to pull the child away. It would open a can of worms with all the river port kingdoms across the empire. Sharvani Pandit, my editor. Archived from the original on 28 November The more I see it, the more it feels like home. There is evil in every single one of us. Shiva joined his hands in a polite namaste and bowed slightly to Athithigva, the king of Kashi. Drapaku, using the hook ngaas his amputated left hand, pulled himself back onto the platform with surprising agility.

The Secret of the Nagas

But the Neelkanth noticed something more unusual. What really captivated me was that the secret itself was speaking about illusions or Maya.

Rumours about Surapadman building his own spy network must be true. Shiva, the Tibetan immigrant who is the prophesied destroyer of evil, will not rest till he finds his demonic adversary. We collaborate to achieve combined goals.

They believed he would have taken the soldiers, escaped to Ayodhya and declared himself Emperor. So I assumed that he will turn out to be one of the asuras whom Sati kills, may be Makishasura. But my ratings are always based on how intensely a book affects me, and as frustrating as it is to admit, this book did not affect m 2. The story takes Shiva, his family and friends across the country in search of the evil — or are they — Nagas and their kingdom.


In a journey that will take him across the length and breadth of ancient India, Shiva searches for the truth in a land of deadly mysteries only to find that nothing is what it seems. Not just the wind beneath my wings, but the wings themselves.

The Secret of the Nagas – Wikipedia

Aadisht Khanna from Mint praised Tripathi’s portrayal of Shiva in the book, complimenting the fact that he was able to successfully deliver the humane side of his characters, and their emotions and motivations. Speaking to anyone else from that unfortunate tribe is useless. He steals the hhe and then leaves enough gold to buy five morel ‘Gold! Jelas bikin penasaran kan?

This especially happens when an age changes. The pace is fine and the plot is good. He turned to see his followers. Then, the other grotesque arm spun him around and held him tight.