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True Discipleship has ratings and 17 reviews. Davina said: What a challenging read.I just flipped through it for a seminary, but with a lot of addit. William MacDonald, Used by Authors Permission. Foreword The pathway to true discipleship begins when a person is born again. It begins when the. True Discipleship () by William MacDonald.

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I want those who are willing to renounce home ties, who will not be distracted by sentimental relatives, who will wliliam me above everyone else in their lives. It finds all its resources in Him.

The Lord emphasizes this in verse The Lord Jesus lived in a state of spiritual tension.

The following letter was distributed to his fellow classmen on the day his resignation was announced:. We subordinate our petty, personal selves into a great movement of humanity, and if our personal lives seem hard, or our egos appear to suffer through subordination to the party, then we are adequately compensated by the thought that each of us in his small way is contributing to discipoeship new and true and better for mankind.

True Discipleship

The apostle Paul not only practiced this method himself but urged it on Timothy as well. If he cannot fight in the valley with Joshua, he will do the work of Moses, Aaron, and Hur, on the hill Exodus It seems that the macdohald was too great for Mr. When the apostle Paul sought to defend his apostleship against the attacks of his small-souled critics, he did not point to his family background or his education or his worldly attainments.


He then extrapolates this to come up macdonalr ideas that it is wrong to have any significant amounts of money saved up for emergencies, since instead we should be trusting in God.

It means that self abdicates the throne.

True Christianity is far removed from the hurdy-gurdy entertainment of modern Christendom. They avoid subterfuge of all kinds. We know that there are those strong verses on discipleship in the Bible, but we have difficulty reconciling them with our ideas of what Christianity should be.

Now it is perfectly legitimate for a son to show common respect to his parent. We do not think it strange that Communists or Muslims give disccipleship lives for political or religious reasons. Discipoeship said, it is still a very important message.

He hits the west’s shallow “american dream” right at its heart. It is the love that suffers long and is kind. Can I do that in prayer? After all, he was their father in the faith, and parents ordinarily provide for their children, not vice versa. Instead of exercising undisputed sway, macdonadl ruled unsteadily over an uncertain realm. The parable bristles with difficulties. Immense, yes—but not impossible.

Apparently the man was not willing, because we hear no more of him in the Sacred Scriptures. With climactic emphasis, the Lord then summarized the teaching of the entire parable:. Discipeship booklet is an attempt to set forth some principles of New Testament discipleship. War demands austerity and sacrificial living. Rather, he pointed to discippleship sufferings for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Other voices will call to him, offering to cut inches off the cross.


We can accept the fact that soldiers give their lives for macdonalld reasons. Is it not proper that God be true and every man a liar? It seems that, in his view, the act of setting aside anything for future needs equates to “laying up treasures on earth,” and as such, constitutes disobedience to the commands of Christ, per se.

True Discipleship | online library of brethren writers

He resembled the first in that he volunteered to follow the Lord. We should not only ailliam at certain stated times during the day; we should develop the attitude of prayer, so that we look to the Lord as we are walking along the street, driving in a car, working at a desk, or serving in the home. There are tears and toil and testings. Then determine to obey Him in all that He has commanded, whatever the cost may be. Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth conditions of peace Luke Sep 20, Daniel Ball Jr.

The Lord teach us more and more to pray in His Name.

Through sheer human cleverness, we reach the stage where we are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing. He will bring opposing arguments from science and philosophy and human traditions.