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Vaikhanasa Agamas, as per legend, originate from the Vedic Sage Vikhanas. . Vaikhanasa is an agama taught by vikhansa maharishi, and pancharatra is. VaikhAnasa gruha archa mUrthys at SrI Ramakrishna Deekshitulu’s gruham with VedAs. The VaikhAnasa Agama was meant exclusively for temple-worship. The jnana-paada segment of Vaikhanasa Agama texts is, therefore, rather brief as compared to discussion on rituals. It does not go about setting out a detailed.

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But this elaborate worship manual disappeared in course of time. Sri Vaikhanasa Kalpa Sutram The belief is that Vishnu himself will brand on the arms of the individual to be born the marks of the conch and discus, which He carries in His own hands. He is worshipped as present on the right side of Vishnu’s main idol ‘Dhruva-bera’.

This article needs additional citations for verification.

The only information I could find in Hindu scripture about the origin of the Vaikhanasas is in the Narayaniya portion of the Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata. Although as a practical matter it follows a lot of Vaishnava customs due to Ramanujacharya. If the devotee wishes for temporal and eternal results he should worship both forms.

This is preparation for receiving the presence of God by immediate contact via a connecting string. In fact you can pretty much define Vaishnavism the belief in the supremacy of Vishnu as it’s described in the Pancharatra texts. When the word Vikhanasa, in the background expression, is interpreted as referring to Brahma, the creator, a distinction is made in Nrisimha Purana, between the older Brahma Agrajawho was born out of Vishnu’s mind with only one head and who became the author of the Sutras, and the younger.

Digging up into Khanana appears to be in the background of the expression Vikhanas. In that [Mahakalpa] when Brahma the Creator, O king, took his birth in the mind of Narayana and issued from the latter’s mouth, Narayana himself performed, O Bharata, his Daiva and Paitra rites in accordance with this religion.

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The Vaikhanasas evolved the theory of the five aspects of Vishnu: Regular and correct worship of Vishnu aagama a temple will bring the same results as the fire sacrifice even for people vaaikhanasa do not maintain their fires. On a side note, do the 32 questions that Vikhanasa asked Vishnu still survive? His image is often placed in the entrance of temples to Vishnu.

The sages who received this abridged teaching were four in number; and asthey were the offsprings of Vikhanas, they came to be recognized as Vaikhanasas: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They give great detail about the process of image-worship and vaikhanassa rituals, as well as certain aspects of temple architecture.


Krishna Like I said, Vaishnavism doesn’t simply mean worship of Vishnu. So the Venkateshwara is clearly a Vishnu temple, but it’s not a Vaishnava temple, because the rituals of the temple are not based on the teachings that characterize the Vaishnava belief system. What’s my sadhana practice?

Then Vishnu decided to fight, and diving deep into the ocean killed the demons Madhu and Kaitabha. In any case, in this chapter of the Narayaniya, Narada describes the religion of Vishnu-worship was passed down in every Mahakalpa, and here is what he says about the first Mahakalpa: Caland and translated into English with a learned introduction.

Distraught, Brahma again vaikjanasa Vishnu and asked him how he should be worshipped, now the Vedas having again gone out of his possession. Vikhanasa is also described as having Vishnu as his father and Lakshmi as his mother, and sages like Bhrigu as his disciples:.

Vaikhanasas – Wikipedia

Understanding the 7 Chakras. Sage Vikhanasa blessed the world with one and half crores of PramAnams in his Aagamam. Inscriptions from perhaps the eighth century CE identify Vaikhanasas as temple priests, and from the end of the tenth century they are prominently mentioned in Vaikhwnasa Indian inscriptions.

After Daksina, the officiating BrahmaN’s share of the Prasadam, is given, Vishnu is meditated upon as the personal manifestation of the sacrifice. The significance of this ritual is that an offering Bali is made to Vishnu Vishnu-devatako balih upahriyate asmin ; and even inside the mother’s womb, the foetus acquires the status of a Vishnu-devotee garbhastha sisoh garbhavaishnavatva siddhyartham.

What is Vaikhanasa Agama? – Definition from Yogapedia

More importantly, Vaikhanasas are distinguished by their uncompromising adoption of the Vaikhanasa-Sutra, which is devoted in all its parts to Vishnu and which was initially communicated by Vishnu himself to the sage Vikhanasa. It is principally monotheistic in its philosophy, whilst also incorporating elements which could be described as being panentheistic. Atri Maharshi gives the story of how the Brahma obtained from Vishnu the Vaikhanasa sutra.

Are there any other scriptures that mention Vikhanasa’s story? At the beginning of creation, Vishnu taught the creator Brahma, the method of worship atama to the Vedic corpus.

As I discuss in this answerthe Narayaniya is a Pancharatra text that is part of the Mahabharata. The offering area is gaikhanasa and a Bali of vaikahnasa rice sprinkled with butter is offered to Vishnu. He is described as an expert in the worship of Vishnu Vishnu-pUjA-visAradaas four armed and seated upon a tortoise seat holding in his hands, the sacred water pot, rosary and ascetic’s staff. He is generally portrayed as having a pale complexion, wearing golden clothes with four arms, and he is often depicted with his four disciples, to whom vaikjanasa taught to worship Vishnu.


What are the four Vedas? This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat Hi Keshav But, that doesn’t make the venkateshwara non-vaishnava temple, right nor make Vaikhanasa less vaishnavaite in nature As I discuss in this questionone of the early movements that was important in the development of Vaishnavism was the ancient Pancharatra movement, whose sacred texts consisted of detailed procedures to worship the sage Narayana, an ancient incarnation of Vikhanasa. The Vaikhanasas, tracing as they do their descent from Vishnu himself, regard themselves as Vishnu-devotees from their very birth garbha-vaishnava- janmanamnot needing any other initiatory rites or diksha during their lives to make them Vishnu-devotees.

Vikhanasa is also described as having Vishnu as his father and Lakshmi as his mother, and sages like Bhrigu as his disciples: The Vaikhanasa doctrine states that Moksha is release into Vishnu’s heaven. Brahma incarnated himself as Vikhanas in the Naimisharanya and then Vishnu Himself taught Brahma the mysteries of worship in the form of thirty two questions.

Brahma, four faced, contemplated upon Vishnu as soon as he appeared, whereupon Vishnu directed him to create all the worlds and all the creatures in them, and gave him the Veda mantrAs to help him in the creation.

The sages Bhrigu, Atri, Marichi and Kasyapa are said to have received the cult of Vishnu from the first Vikhanasa viz. In any case, in this chapter of the Narayaniya, Narada describes the religion of Vishnu-worship was passed down in every Mahakalpa, and here is what he says about the first Mahakalpa:. As it was Vikhanasa who gave this Agama to the world directly through his four disciples or Maharishis, namely Atri, Marichi, Kashyapa and Bhrigu, he is as said to be the Pravartaka of this Agama and hence the agama is called after him.

It is this final branch, the “Vaisnava Agama ,” which are split into two traditions – the ” Pancharatra Agama” and the ” Vaikhanasa Agama.